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Nyx Gaming is proud to present PRIORITY REALIGNMENT, a text-based dungeon crawler about fighting monsters... and letting them corrupt you~

Explore a procedurally generated dungeon, manage horny status effects, discover secrets, engage with a totally-not-satirical gacha system, unlock five bespoke endings, and more in this dungeon crawler where all the monsters would just love to make you just like them~

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(92 total ratings)
AuthorNyx Goddess Games
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, Dungeon Crawler, Erotic, Fantasy, LGBT, Procedural Generation, Queer, Sci-fi, Text based, transformation
Average sessionA few minutes


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Would you be able to creat a game or spinoff of this game where the player is tranced and hypnotized through the game with simular effects as the ones in this game.   I ask only because so far ive only been able to be hypnotized playing a text based file/game.   Audio and voices are too distracting for me. So reading along with a script/text works wonders.

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What do you do at the start? Edit: I figured it out, some textures weren't loaded.


Hello I wanted to ask if the directors cut is featuring more content than the free version.


this is such a fun game with really cool mechanics and i hope that it receives an update soon


is there a place where I can see a list of content/endings that are unlocked if I sign up for supporting the creator via Patreon that the other version doesn't get? is there any that the normal version doesn't get that the Patreon one does?

Hi! I love this game and would love to be able to download it to my Mac soon, please and thank you!

I've been absolutely loving this, but I can't tell if there's a secret ending, it definitely feels like there could be, say if you got to 10 on two effects, or something like that. Am I correct in assuming that there is a secret ending


I love the idea, but I do have a couple of things to point out:

First, why do enemies automatically run away after a few turns? Along with the random nature of the encounters, it can make it pretty difficult to get certain things to happen (For example, you will rarely, if ever, have every action sealed by Bound even if you try to, because the encounter is forced to end too quickly due to them running away)

Second, I'm getting this really weird bug where once in a while, after I select an action, the scroll bar will completely freak out and go all over the place. I don't have any control at all over where it goes while it's doing this, so I just have to sit there and hope that it gets to the bottom soon. And it always does eventually, but sometimes it's taken upwards of 20-30 seconds to do so.

very fun game, much more content than $2's worth!

my little bug report is that in the corrupted ending, selecting the demonic coworker's pronouns didn't work properly (i chose they, but they were still she/her and with some occasional grammatical clashes eg. "she are"), but other than that a very smooth experience!

This hits all of my buttons at once, also its fun and smooth, literally so much fun


Well, fall has long passed...


I'm smitten with this game. It's fun/funny and sexy! I can't stop saving the gacha characters,,,they're so cute... I look forward to future games :3

does it eventually end if you last long enough?


At present, the game continues until you succumb to one of your status effects, with each status effect giving its own ending if it maxes out. There isn't a special ending for lasting long enough at present, though this may change in the Director's Cut of the game coming this Fall!


It's so good that I've already cleared it 15 times.

...Most of them are HYPNOTIZED ENDING, though.

I would like to see an ending that combines multiple states.

For example, a combination of "BOUND" and "HYPNOTIZED".


Oh yeah, and another thing.

Let me steal the Nyx Gaming Brainscrubber Headset!

Interesting concept, nicely made!


wholesome little sex game featuring a surprisingly deep combat system and wonderful erotic writing! 5/5... err... G0DD355/69... wait, what was i doing?


I would like to know if it's possoble to allow a save function, since both my computer and my phone regularly clear the cache which erases my progress…

--> If you do add a saving function, would you be able to add a "FURRYOCITIES™ Codex" to the Director's Cut; a databank of the descriptions of FURRYOCITIES™ that were generated and chosen to be kept forever during the active player's playthroughs?

It'd just be nice for that option to serve some function beside not restoring the player nor removing status points. — If I see one I like the description of (like the pink cow slimegirl), I choose this option because I would likely keep the cute ones in real life. Saving their descriptions in a codex to read whenever would be awesome~♥!

--> I just noticed the descriptions on the left side, my bad…

I'm on Android, so a number of sections are not entirely visible; especially the right side.


I'm using Firefox and nothing happens when i click on play
I restarted and updated it too
Could it be Ublock Origin, my VPN, or some other security thing preventing it?


I had to leave incognito mode for it to work lol


I love this so much! The writing is great and the different endings are incredibly detailed and mind-numbingly hot. I immediately purchased all your games via the bundle and paid more than necessary to donate (and assist the G0DD355). I'm almost jealous of all the people who could become Acolytes for the G0DD355 >//<


Oh this is wonderful!! Each of the endings is so in-depth, and so so hot <3

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Ran into a bug while in combat with a Rogue - she attempted to flee while frozen, and while she was successfully prevented from escaping, I was unable to take any further action. Had no choice but to restart.

Same thing happened when they "struggled fruitlessly with my purely notional bindings."


We're sorry to hear that! We've uploaded a fix that should hopefully take care of that issue. Apologies for the inconvenience, and please let us know if you run into any other bugs!