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NOTE: Certain people have experienced trouble running this game on certain browsers, so if it fails to load, please try another browser. Our most hypnotized programmers are looking into the issue, and we hope to have a solution soon.

Nyx Gaming is proud to present Fraction8, the hypnotic card game that turns your mind to mush! Try to chase high scores while the game throws more and more hypnotic twists at you, making you forget numbers, become worse at math... and get fractionated to hell and back, of course.

To be absolutely clear, this is a game that will attempt to hypnotize you, the player, and install hypnotic suggestions to be used over the course of the game. There is a mandatory pre-hypnosis consent screen which goes into more detail, but the general effects of the demo track are:

  • To temporarily forget the value/meaning of certain numbers
  • To temporarily become worse at mental math
  • To temporarily gain a reinduction trigger which the game uses between rounds to install new suggestions
  • To get extremely fractionated via frequent dropping in and out of trance as you play. DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY AFTER PLAYING!

You can stop the game, wipe all suggestions, and get counted up at any time by pressing ESC.

We hope you enjoy! Please consider buying a copy of it to get four bonus tracks for a total of over two hours of gameplay, each with new kinks, suggestions, and visuals!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
AuthorNyx Goddess Games
GenreCard Game
TagsAdult, Erotic, hypnosis, NSFW, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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Fraction8 288 MB

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its kinda boring ngl

Love the new track!! Only complaint is it's too short, please make optional longer sessions 🥺

Very interesting- while I definitely got tranced, which is fun in itself, the instructions to forget numbers and get worse at maths didn't affect me at all. That's a shame because it would have been really cool to experience, but I enjoyed it all the same.

I will second other peoples' comments about guessing numbers though- a couple of times I forgot what number I'd added up to when I got dropped and woken up during play, at which point I just clicked random cards until I got a winning number. That earned me some REALLY high scores, so maybe having a cap might be a good idea.

I tried a few games, seems like hypnotism does not exist


I can assure you it does, it's not not going to be the smoothest sailing your first go at it. Being hypnotized is as much a skill as hypnotizing someone, and files can be hit or miss depending on what your needs as a subject are. Don't be discouraged!

This was really fun! would love to see if there was a linux file

Awesome game! I really enjoyed your brain drain one! Just wish it was a bit longer.

my brain feels like silly putty. :)

I... like the concept but I didn't really feel like the suggestion did anything to me, aside from some small mistakes I didn't feel as if I was any worse as arithmetic than before


Interesting, and the gameplay itself is fun, but, and I don't know if it's just my hardware being bad, I found the audio track to be very metallic and sharp and the visual display too grainy/pixelated to pull me in during the intro. The hypnotic effects were completely null for me. That said, even without those, the actual game part was fun.


uh I kinda need math for college...  hope it doesn't mess up with it permanently lol.

btw is this hypnosis thing for real? I'm quite scared guys


Thank you for your comment! Hypnosis is real and we make sure to treat it with appropriate weight. All our files go through a very strong three-phase safety testing protocol before they release. To aid with safety, none of our files have permanent effects, and every suggestion comes with a consent clause so it will only take effect if you feel fully comfortable with it.

Long story short, Fraction8 won't make you permanently worse at math.


Worked better than i expected.  Glad the extra count up is there, i usually need it. Very good job, worth the $5

Tried this out, was glad that it used the normal triggers I use elsewhere so it would be easy to adapt. Unfortunately, the suggestions were 0% effective on me. I was actually getting better as it went on. First round I was just adding twos and fours and clicking every eight, but I slowly realized other more complicated combinations later on.

Kinda sad, cause this sounds like a fun idea, just didn't work for me in the slightest. Also, I am apparently significantly worse at quick number combinations than the file 'expected' at the start. First few rounds I was constantly getting lost combos and full red hands.

I also felt confused because I felt like keeping my eyes open for the spiral effects and all that, but it would tell me to open my eyes for certain parts and I'd be like 'wait, I was supposed to have my eyes closed?'

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A lot of fun, and more effective than i was expecting. After losing some numbers and getting worse at math, by the end of the final round I had resorted to just adding 2s and 4s. Later, I was describing it to someone who suggested that 7 + 7 + 2 =16 wouldn't have been too difficult.

Oh yeah?  On round one, sure, that's an easy play.  By the end of the last round?  No, that was beyond me!

...and I really wasn't expecting that.

when I try and run it the game just doesn't even start to load, idk what to do

We're sorry to hear that! What platform are you on?

Same thing for me, on windows 10, on Opera, Edge, and Chrome. 

I came back to play again and it was still awesome. Planning on buying the full edition soon :)

This is super fun, I've always wished there were more hypnogames out there!
The main issue I have is that even when I'm all fuzzy-brain and don't understand math, I often still get big combos by just randomly clicking cards. I'd maybe recommend capping the number at 24.

this is something i have noticed as well. i might be getting worse at math but one of the best strategys is to just throw random numbers up , worst case you cash out early, oi never feel like im getting bad at the game .

still love the game, just missing that little extra boom in the gameplay 

this doesn't worth with my stupid little adhd brain but i like math and card games so i'm happy enough with what i got from this

same applies for me too, did come out feeling somewhat disoriented though.

Would it be possible to make the full game run in a mobile browser?

Hi, thank you for your question! This game wasn't intended for play on mobile platforms and as such hasn't undergone full safety testing for it. Though a full mobile version is technically possible, we won't be releasing it until certain safety features such as a touch-activated emergency count up have been properly implemented and tested. We recommend against playing the game on mobile until then. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hello ! Do you think this work on non english people ?

Hi, thank you for your question! Since the hypnosis in these files is primarily done through spoken language, fluency in English is necessary for the optimal experience.

Hi! it seemed like someone already mentioned this but my mac has trouble launching the the game. I already tried the fixes suggested but so far no dice. Has there been found a better fix for this in the meantime?

Hi LJLdraws,

We've just uploaded a new Mac build that should hopefully fix this problem. If you're still experiencing issues, please let us know!

(1 edit)

It seems like fullscreening when using a non-typical monitor size (like the ultrawide 21:9 monitor Im using) can cause buttons and text to end up on top of each other making things unreadable. The consent button blocks a paragraph near the bottom of the consent page for example and the exit game button is almost entirely off screen. If you want me to send you screenshots, feel free to DM me on Twitter @adaframe. This also affects Gamer Training and I assume other games as well


Hi AdaFrame,

We're sorry to hear that! We've uploaded a new build for the web version of this game that should hopefully fix this problem for monitors up to 21:9. If you could let us know whether this fix works for you so we can update the downloadable builds as well, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


It web version appears to work better now! Thank you!


Hiya! i've tried running the game on Mac but it refuses to run the application- any fixes around this?

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Hi ohnowj,

We're sorry to hear that! We believe that, for some reason, certain types of Mac don't recognize the game as an application. This may happen when using non-standard unzipping programs that don't flag applications properly. Try opening the program with the default Unarchiver, and if that doesn't work, you can manually set the file permissions withchmod +x Fraction8\*in the command line. (We're not 100% certain of that syntax, so you may have to mess with it a bit.)

Apologies for the inconvenience!

oops, Fraction8 doesn't seem to like my super ultrawide monitor very well. It'd be fine if it displayed pillarboxed, but it's instead trying to fit my screen width and it sends content right off the bottom of the screen. Can the resizing be adjusted?

Hi Kistaro,

We're sorry to hear that! We've uploaded a new build for the web version of the game that should hopefully fix this problem for monitors up to 21:9, and we plan on releasing an update for the downloadable versions as well in the near future.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Works pretty well.  Great to have both of my top interests put together. Great job!

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I really appreciate having linux releases of games, but this one doesn't have one it seems like. Would one be able to play the full game in-browser, or just the demo? I suppose i can run the window's version in wine, but that's not exactly the same as just having a native linux version really.

Edit: Ended up buying it and wasn't able to get it running in Lutris due to some kind of DX11 error, but i did get it working in Playonlinux by setting the main exe as the instillation file, the game opening, quitting it, then creating a shortcut to the exe by browsing to it manually. 

come here to see if i can get hypnotized. get disappointed when i didn't get hypno. hope somebody get hypnotized unlike me!

The thing about hypnosis is that it generally requires the person being hypnotized to be open to the idea. They are all suggestions, and they won't work if even a part of you doesn't want them to.